Margarita Mix Flavors for Margarita Machine Rentals in Los Angeles

When you rent one of our margarita machines, you will receive one bottle of margarita mix of your choice included in the price. Additional flavors are available for $30 each. The Margarita Man in Los Angeles aims to provide the best margarita flavors for your party. We make it fun and easy to have a good time. Let us take all the prep work out of your party with our ready-to-serve margarita mixes. We stock large quantities of all the popular flavors—including lime, strawberry, mango, tropical punch, lemonade, peach, Pina Colada, Mai Tai, and so much more!

We do not deliver mixes separately, but we will help you determine how much you need before your party so that you will have plenty to serve. Our frozen drinks are perfect for holidays like Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, family parties, weddings, birthday parties, kids’ parties, summer events, mixers, showers, and any other celebration you can think of! Just pour a flavor into one of our machines and let your guests serve themselves!

Flavors - All gourmet mixes are provided as non-alcoholic so the Host/Hostess can add their own liquor either directly to the mixture before filling the machine, on the side, or not at all.

Mix flavor
Alcohol Information
Kid Friendly!
Classic Margarita
85 x 8 ounce drinks
Blend of lemon lime for the classic taste
3.5 liter of tequila or rum
60 x 8 ounce drinks
Tons of real strawberries. Delicious with and without alcohol. A popular staple at kid’s parties.
2 liters of tequila or rum
Go Mango
60 x 8 ounce drinks
A delicious alternative to the traditional margarita and one of our personal favorites.
2 liters of tequila or rum
60 x 8 ounce drinks
Refreshing with or without alcohol.
2 liters of vodka
Mai Tai
60 x 8 ounce drinks
Hawaiian specialty featuring almond, lime, orange and grenadine flavors.
1 liter of silver and 1 liter of gold rum
Pina Colada
60 x 8 ounce drinks
Traditional island drink with hints of pineapple and coconut.
2 liters of rum. Add one gallon of milk for a creamy cocktail.
60 x 8 ounce drinks
All the juicy fun without the seeds.
2 liters of vodka
Blue Hawaiian
56 x 8 ounce drinks
Hints of coconut and pineapple will make this tropical favorite a hit at your next party.
1.75 liters of rum
Blue Raspberry
60 x 8 ounce drinks
Popular kid’s flavor has a bubblegum taste. Blue in color.
Cherry Bomb
60 x 8 ounce drinks
For the kids and just like the one at Seven Eleven. Made with real cherries.
56 x 8 ounce drinks
This traditional cola flavor is delicious with or without alcohol.
2 liters whiskey, bourbon, or rum
56 x 8 ounce drinks
Organic strawberry & lemon flavors make our frosé simply irresistible
3 liters rosé wine and 750 ml vodka
56 x 8 ounce drinks
This popular New Orleans drink blends natural passion fruit and organic lime oil with light and dark rums for a flavor as distinctive as the city it was born in
2 liters light or dark rum
Orange Power
56 x 8 ounce drinks
This high-octane beverage features natural orange flavoring that pairs perfectly with a neutral, grain alcohol.
1.75 liters of 190-proof grain alcohol.
TKO - Tropical Knockout
56 x 8 ounce drinks
Tropical punch, pineapple, orange, & lime flavors make the perfect Rum Punch
2 liters of rum or vodka.